Monday, March 24, 2008

Lower res Download

The Lower res Download, faster and still good resolution. 5.67 megs

Lower res Reel

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Higher Res Reel to download

Ok I didn't realize they would slap my reel into a flash compressor when uploaded onto this site, so here is a link to where you can download the higher res version and actually see the textures! how novel. The File is 55.2 Megabytes so be prepared to wait if your connection is slow.

Higher res Reel

Ok here is the reel, version 1

Here is my reel finally, now that the software stopped crashing while trying to render the video. This a decent res version, I might post an even higher res one after this. Enjoy

The Monster Guy was done completely by yours truly from design to animation to render. The entire thing was done with Maya and maya's renderer.

The stairs I did the texture and lit it, but in the "in context" shot I did just the texture. It is all procedural except a baked out occlusion map to assign rust.

The baseball was all me, Just showing off a renderman shader.

The Rocket was maya Particles, all maya textures, rendered in Maya

The clouds are from playing with a maya fluids tutorial and trying to make them move, rendered in maya

The Ghost effect was exploration of Maya fluids beyond the tutorials, changing things up to get effects I wanted.

Yeah that is basically it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

First Post

Ok, I now have this blog up and running, well mostly walking...or crawling...perhaps barley even moving.... but it is up. I should have my Reel posted on here as soon as I can get it all rendered out.

In the meantime, here is an old experiment with dynamic simulations. Just a bunch of impacts etc. I had a much higher res model but it would not render, hence the purple block man.